RGB LED Strobe light

Item No.: S-S300
Strobelights are often used to give an illusion of slow motion in nightclubs and raves, and are available for home use for special effects or entertainment

Strobe lights can be used in one of two ways: As a flashing light, primarily used to create effects for a concert, or on an emergency vehicle. On a “continuous” mode, where the flashes are spaced in such a way that it's almost impossible for the naked eye to tell they are flashing.

this type is very useful,and use to the party 


Chassis:  all aluminum
Color temperature:  6500-7500K
Voltage:  AC110-220V±10%/ 50-60HZ
Power:  300W
Lamp bead model:  5050
Luminous color:  RGB
Light source life:  50000 hours or more
Dimming:  0-100% linear adjustment
Number of lamp beads:  960pcs×0.3W SMD lamp beads
Data connection:  3-pin 5-pin XLR input/output
Stroboscopic:  1-30 times/sec. Conventional stroboscopic, random stroboscopic, pulse stroboscopic
Control mode:  DMX512, master/slave mode, voice control mode, stand-alone mode, self-propelled
Channel:  5/15/17CH
Packing method:  carton or air box
Net weight:  7.5KG

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