4*100W waterproof blinder

Item No.: S-4150WB
COB light anytime you need a continuous light source — both for photography and videography. It may be for photographing models for a fashion catalog or making family portraits

CoB LED is a single device with many LED chips mounted on a thermally efficient substrate, or board. Each chip is a bare die – that is, the chip does not have its own leadframe, phosphor coating or lens. This means that the chips can be mounted extremely closely together on the substrate.

COB LEDs are brighter, consume less power, and output a higher quality beam of light compared to older LED technologies found in most other trade show lighting.

Light source : 4*100W 2800K / 3200K /6500K / 3200+6500K COB LED
Power consumption: 450
Power voltage : 90-245V 50/60HZ
Beam angle : 45°
Reach range: 80°
Dimmer: 0-100%
Strobe: 0-20hz
LED Control : Dot Controllable
Led temperature: 2800K
DMX channel : 2/6/12 Chs
Control modes: DMX,Master-slave,Auto-Run
Power data : IN/OUT waterproof cables
XLR data : IN/OUT waterproof cables
Protecting rate:  IP65
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