180*3W RGB LED City Color

Item No.: S-1803WW
180*3W RGB LED City color is a "point light source", a floodlight that can illuminate evenly in all directions.

Its irradiation range can be adjusted arbitrarily, and shadows can be cast on objects. Compatible with architectural and recreational applications. Easy to set up, mixed colors are produced within the unit for a very uniform light cast. Great for DJs, small clubs, parties, bands and bars, also for impromptu events.

Model  XY-1803 city color
LED 180pcs 3w leds
Color red, green, blue, 1.6 million colors can be formed through these RGB primary colors.
Beam angle 15-25˚
Power  600w  
  IP Rate IP65
Control signal DMX512oice control/master-slave/auto-run
Channel 8CH
DMX address  digital nixie tube botton setting
Shell material Aluminiun allay
Connect standard signal cable

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