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Mgolighting is the professional experienced LED stage lighting manufacturer from China.One stop shop, full range products. High quality LEDs, uniform color and high brightness.Intelligent control, easily achieve different effects.Adjustable angle, clear and layered light. High reliability, up to 30,000 to 50,000 hours. Visual impact stage, by professional Lighting Products.
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Moving Head Lights
Project & solution
To support a stage lighting project need different of products. We would help to handle the outsourcing and give solution for your reference.

Product quality control: To use high-quality materials before assembling,
With strict QC standardized during production process,Our target is to decrease the functionary defective rate not to exceed 3%.

We have experienced team to select the model for the projects need. Our sales team do always ready to give you support. Please feel free to come to us.
Customized Service
Our wide range of stage lighting creates dreamlike experiences. Customizable LED strips, lasers, effect and DJ lights allow you to design unique 360° illumination for any event. Portable and easy to install, these energy-efficient lights match your vision. Whether it's live shows, parties, or home decor, let your imagination run wild with our lighting. Light up any stage and set the mood with our versatile, creative solutions. We're your partner for endless lighting possibilities.
Are you looking for some kind of stable lighting manufacturer to support your events?
Mgolighting is the professional experienced LED stage lighting manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. We supported many projects with various product series such as moving head light, strobe effect light, COB blinder and so on.
Hot sell items are always in stock to promise timely and speedy delivery. Our warranty policy is to provide spare parts at our expense if there is functionary issues. The products have been widely applied in TV stations,concerts,evening parties,clubs,cultural tourism projects and so on. If you had any need, please feel free to come to us.
07 / Aug
Lighting Up Any Event with Mgolight Fixtures
Proper lighting sets the mood and atmosphere for any event. Mgolight provides a wide range of LED lighting fixtures to meet the needs of different venues and productions. Here are some examples of how Mgolight luminaires can transform events.
26 / Apr
What is LED PAR Light ?
PAR lights, or Parabolic Aluminized Reflector lights, are a type of stage lighting fixture that is commonly used in the entertainment industry. These lights are versatile, powerful, and offer a wide range of lighting effects, making them an essential component of any stage lighting setup.